Visiting German LP Magazine and Editor-in-Chief Mr. Holger Barske

In our trip to the Germany in Sep 2022, it was truly our honor to visit the impressive music space and gorgeous listening room of Mr. Holger Barske, editor-in-chief of LP magazine, a very prestigious audio magazine in Germany. A really enjoyable afternoon filled with stories of so many passions, not just in music, audio, trends but also in DIY hobbies from speaker to bicycle, photography to biking etc.

What a fantastic occasion for shared passions, analogue sound and the “SUN”. We love the listening rooms that have a touch with nature and it was a great chance to listen to the Sun-833X in a room with natural light and nice sunlight reflecting from the roof.

Thank you very much Mr. Holger for spending the time this afternoon for our visit, the stories and sharing on so many interesting topics. Hopefully one day in the near future, we will visit this wonderful listening room again.

Some images captured from the meeting.