Published in 07.04.2024

ThivanLabs GRAND OPEN MARK II, SUN 833X, TMS-9 PREMIUM – review for a complete stereo system by Audio Video Reviews Israel

Published in 04.2024

TMS 9 Premium review on Hxost Plus Sound & Vision magazine

Published in 01.2024

A visit to Vivaldi Audio and an interview with the owner Shimon Bozaglo 4-2024

Published in 04.2024

Thivanlabs P10

Published in 10.2023

Flamingo 300B test on Fidelity Magazine Germany 2023

Published in 07.2023

Thivanlabs Eros-9 Anniversary

Published in 11.2022

LP Testing Sun 833X – 2022

Published in 09.2022

Lion 805 – Hifi.nl magazine Netherlands

Published in 07.2022

Sun 833-X – Hifi.nl magazine Netherlands

Published in 05.2022

Sun 833-X on Audiophilefr

Published in 04.2022

Lion 805 – Lowbeat magazine Germany

Published in 02.2022

Thivan Labs Fullrange 10 Mark III

Published in 02.2022

211 Power Monoblock on the cover of the famous German LP magazine Published in 11.2021

P10 Tube Phono Preamplifier & ST10 Step-up Transformer reviewed on Greek YELLOWBOX High End magazine – August 2021

Published in 08.2021

DAC Tube Music Processor 9038 on Greek HIGH END magazine – Sound & Vision – Issue 28 – July 2021

Published in 08.2021

DL-50 Anniversary reviewed on Hifi.nl Netherlands – August 2021

Published in 08.2021


Fidelity Online ThivanLabs EROS 9

Published on 11 March 2021

What has to happen that a hardened FIDELITY author, mistakenly assuming he knows almost everything, has heard almost everything, sits in front of his system and cries deeply moved? Apparently not much, all you need is a halfway decent stereo system, Brahms lullaby and a pair of rather rustic acoustic furniture, and tears will flow. Where are the Kleenex when you need them?


ThivanLabs Gold Lion 805 on HIFI-STARS March 2021

Published in 03.2021

The test and review of GrandHorn by HIFI CLASS Magazine, Poland

Published in 03.2021

Analog magazine of Analogue Audio Association, 01.2021

Published in 01.2021

An article about Mr. Eckhard Derks and TCG Handels, ThivanLabs’s German and European hub distributor, on Analog magazine of Analogue Audio Association, Jan 2021


HiFi-Stars.de test ThivanLabs 811 Anniversary

Published in 12.2020

Top of the class Thivan Labs … ahem, who?

HIFI CLASS, Poland – Thivan Labs Tube Music Processor 9038 (wersja 2019) test and review

Published in 10.12.2020

LP Test ThivanLabs 805 Lion + Grand Horn

Published in 10.2020

They can do it, the Vietnamese from Thivan Labs: excellent workmanship, a lot of excellent material for the money and, last but not least, a wonderfully harmonious sound characterize this amplifier / speaker combination.


Fidelity Online ThivanLabs 811 Anniversary Test

Published in 06.2020

With the 811 Anniversary, Thivan Labs presents a triode amplifier that will lead even die-hard transistor fans astray

Image HiFi.com test ThivanLabs 211 Gold Swan

Published in 06.2020

Blockbusters from Ho Chi Minh City


HiFiTest.de ThivanLabs 811 Anniversary

Published in 04.2020

Do not say I did not warn you: On the following pages I will come to you with the very big retro club. Finally HiFi from the good old days again!


LP ThivanLabs P-10 tube preamplifier + ST-10 MC step-up transformer

Published in 04.2020

Do you remember the excellent Vietnamese 811 tube integrated amplifier from LP 2/2020? Now Thivan Labs has a suitable phono preamp ready. Of course we urgently needed to get our hands on them

STEREO Test ThivanLabs EROS 9

Published in 08.2019

Newcomer from Vietnam, who immediately plays his way into the hearts of the auditorium with a rich, deep and crisp bass, high efficiency and very lively sound. A very affordable offer for friends of live, jumping sound with a thoroughly audiophile touch


HiFi loudspeaker test yearbook 2019 test Thivan Anteros-9

Published in 01.2019

This is what we like to call “real men’s hi-fi”: big, heavy – sorry, very heavy – and certainly quite expensive. The Anteros-9 from Thivanlabs is guilty on two out of three points in the sense of prejudice – only expensive, it is not in view of the physical value. We listen carefully to see whether the Vietnamese loudspeakers deliver what they promise acoustically – and we are pretty surprised



HiFiTest.de EROS 9

Published in 11.2018

But that was time again, time for men’s boxing: big, strong and wide and with a horn on top. Only the name, which is a bit irritating, because it clearly signals: In addition to a lot of dynamism, there is also a sensual euphony here