ThivanLabs’s New Generation valve amps demonstrated at iEAr show by City Audio Trade on 26 & 27 November 2022

In the iEAr show on 26 & 27 November 2022, City Audio Trade, ThivanLabs’s authorized distributor in the Netherlands will demonstrate some of the newest valve amplifiers from ThivanLabs’s New Generation valve amp collection. The new generation valve amplification devices have got an extreme enhancement of sound with great dynamic, natural and emotional sound.

The Audio Show iEAr has grown into the largest and the broadest AV fair in the entire Benelux. The large numbers of visitors to the Willem II stadium in Tilburg, more than 6,000 according to the organization’s counter, were rewarded last weekend with all kinds of firsts, impressive audio demonstrations, passionate presentations by big names from the hi-fi world. And not to forget: also a lot of fun, entertaining mini-events around the love of music.

Some of the new generation models will be demonstrated by City Audio Trade at iEAr show including the following.

SUN 833-X

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MAGPIE 811 – one of the new valve amp trio in ThivanLabs’s New Generation Valve Amp Collection

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LION 805

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DAC TMP-9038

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