ThivanLabs Eros 12 and Leopard 813 – Mavis M100 Hybrid Tube amp – Anteros M10 Tube Mixer amplified Live Music Performance in Ferrary event in Vietnam

A full system from Thivanlabs, MAVIS and Anteros HighEnd ProAudio joined in amplifying a session of acoustic Live Music performance at Ferrari’s new model launch event in Vietnam.

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The devices in the system including

ThivanLabs – Eros 12 loudspeaker

Pushed by

ThivanLabs – Leopard 813 SET drove the horn tweeter and midrange

MAVIS – M100 hybrid tube mosfet amps pushed the woofer


Anteros HighEnd ProAudio – Tube Mixer M10 (10 channels) used for amplifying the musical instruments and mixing with music tracks.