Visiting Akustik Tune’s showroom, ThivanLabs’s distributor in AUSTRIA

During our return to Vienna to experience music this year, we had the opportunity to visit the showroom of Akustik Tune, the distributor of ThivanLabs products in Austria. The latest ThivanLabs products have been displayed and demonstrated in a beautiful 100-year old villa with cozy interior. It was really impressed with the very methodical setup here as well as the sophistication and aesthetics of the owners of the house, Mr. Stefan and Mrs. Martina who are also the founders and managers of Akustik Tune. Mr. Stefan has a great experience of Hifi system setup and he also loves photography while Mrs. Martina is a wonderful woman who has a fabulous taste of sound and artistic sensibility. So, our meeting was not boring with technical topics but more exciting with arts and photography.

We would love to send a great thank you to Mr. Stefan and Mrs. Martina for their warm welcome in the Akustik Tune showroom.

Moreover, it was a great excitement to be photographed with ThivanLabs’ flagship system right here in Austria. The system includes ThivanLabs GrandHorn and SUN-833X.

By the way, Akustik Tune will have a demonstration event on 15 Oct 2022. If you are hanging around Vienna and the surrounding areas at that time, make a visit to listen and experience the well selected Hifi systems for demonstration in a very nice old villa located in a very beautiful and peaceful town.

Some images of visiting were captured as the follows.


ThivanLabs flagship system is·distributed and available for demonstration at Akustik Tune showroom, Austria. GrandHorn is paired with Sun 833-X.


The latest test of Sun 833X on German LP magazin No6. 2022

*** SUN-833X – A highlight conclusion from LP magazin 2022:

Physisch und klanglich einer der spektakulärsten Vollverstärker überhaupt. Dynamisch eine Welt für sich, atmosphärisch intensiv und mit ganz viel Händchen auch für Kleinigkeiten.”

And an English expression:

Physically (aesthetically, design wise) and sound-wise, the Thivan is one of the most spectacular integrated amplifiers ever built. Dynamically it is in a world of its own. Intensely atmospheric and with a great deal of attention to detail.



ThivanLabs tube amp collection is·distributed and available for demonstration at Akustik Tune showroom, Austria.