Recording live with using ThivanLabs Hifi devices is how we research, learn and experience music and sound in a diverse natural acoustic environment. It can be the sound in a large auditorium or a small space with diverse interior forms. It can also be a professional recording studio or whatever space is chosen for this live performance and recording.

By recording live and experiencing this process, we understand more about the real sound, the impact of objective factors on the sound color. Thereby, we determine the right mindset in reproducing this sound in order to bring the most real emotions to the listener like when the music is performed right in that place. As such, the sound of a large auditorium will be different from that of a small space, and recording should help reproduce this feature properly.

In addition, the emotion of the musician expressed through the sound of the instrument as well as the emotion in the singer’s voice when performing is wonderful. These emotions are sometimes hard to feel in recordings that have been over-edited by using too many digital effects and overusing of software. Thus such a recording often fails to convey the emotions of the singer, musician and typical sounds of musical instruments. As a manufacturer with analog-specific products, we have a certain respect for original and authentic sounds.

Many listeners will likely enjoy this ‘spiced’ sound. However, just like dishes, many times dishes that are seasoned with too much spice can make the audience bored, but the dishes are rustic, natural, low in spices or even completely unseasoned. The taste helps us to feel the natural sweetness of the food. The same goes for sound, we’ve also worked hard to research and experience the ‘natural flavors’ of natural sounds. Sound is like food, if it’s fresh, simple cooking will bring out the delicious natural flavors of the food. The sound of Live recordings also has the same principle.

Here are some music videos (MVs) that we have tested recording live with using ThivanLabs Hifi equipment. The audio recording in the videos below is 95% – 100% original. 5% of the impact, if any, is on the noise handling of various natural recording environments. We don’t add any digital effects to these recordings. In addition, we limit the impact that takes away the originality of the recording as much as possible. These recordings may not be ‘perfect’ in the style of studio recordings, but we invite you to experience a natural taste of the sound through these experimental live recordings.