Minimalism and efectiveness in ThivanLabs R&D philosophy

A test and review of Fullrange 10 mark 3 by Mr. Holger Barske on 03/2022.



Images of Fullrange 10 mk3 from the test.

The FR10 is the speaker model that embodies the ThivanLabs sound philosophy most clearly. We believe that “enjoying good music” is the same as “enjoying good food”. The first step to making a delicious dish is to get the freshest ingredients. In addition, we also appreciate the naturalness of food, corresponding in the audio field is the naturalness of sound. The naturalness of food can only be preserved when it is not changed too much after seasoning, and the use of too much seasoning is able to change and make it difficult to preserve the natural taste integrity of the original food. This is similar to sound! If too many objective elements are applied to the original sound, it will not be possible to get the so-called “natural sound”. Manufacturing audio equipment is similar, this process is both an art with rich creativity and requires strict technical standards. We don’t care too much about which manufacturer the raw material comes from and how grandly it is advertised. It can be the raw material of any unit that meets our very high quality criteria and meets the expectations we set for the product.

ThivanLabs’ R&D goal is very specific and clear, which is to create audio equipment capable of reproducing sound that brings emotions to listeners. At the same time, we appreciate the natural and pureness of the sound reproduced optimal for this purpose in different listening room conditions and music spaces. To achieve this goal, during product research and development, we always appreciate the experience of sound realities and diverse music experience conditions. It is in the position of the listener, the audience at the concerts, as well as in the role of the recordist and music producer.… Thereby, the element of “emotion” and the consciousness of “naturalness” of sound always closely follows the development of a product, so ThivanLabs sound will be a difference and suitable for listeners who love the “naturalness and fidelity” of sound.

The first FR10 version launched in 2015 was very successful with more than 100 orders in Vietnam right after its launch. After many years the FR10 has evolved to the 3rd generation, the FR10 Mark 3, with a new generation of driver that both have the aesthetics and deliver on the sonic expectations we’ve come to expect for this model. Nothing in this world is absolutely perfect but the FR10 Mk3 embodies the minimalist philosophy we follow and its driver was applied in the most minimal and optimal way to achieve its own sound characteristics. A simplicity of cumbersome things, to focus on the most important thing that we care about is the sound quality, its naturalness as well as its ability to bring the certain fantastic emotions to the listener in the price range of the product.