ISSUE 4 – Wheel Of Fortune – A movie soundtrack challenges all audio systems!

Wheel Of Fortune is a movie soundtrack of Pirates Of The Caribbean (2006) – Dead Man’s Chest, composed and Performed by Hans Zimmer and Orchestra

This is a very powerful piece of music mixed with lots of powerful bass instruments in the background, playing the climaxes continuously throughout the song is a huge challenge for all sound reproduction systems.

With a good sound reproduction system, the listener will experience an indescribable feeling, very suspenseful and thrilling with the intensity changing up and down, obviously very attractive. The sounds performed by the musical instrument groups of the orchestra as well as the continuous change of the sound layers will be able to be felt and heard very easily and clearly.

However, if the system setup is not good enough, the sound is very noisy, the musical instrument groups of the orchestra will be messy. At that time, the overall stage will be a mess of loud sound, not music and the listener will be truly tired in such a mess of sounds. If the frequency bands are not balanced, the position of the musical instrument groups of the orchestra and the layer of sounds will be incorrect and unclear, mixed together. The sound of some groups of instruments will be even sunk into the overall sound.



Here are some recommendations of equipment in the system to play this movie soundtrack well.

To play this song well, it requires the audio system to be set up very well from the music source, amplifier, speaker and optimize the room reverberation.

* Music Source: This needs very high detail and dynamics. It is best to use a music server with DAC R2R for the highest detail.

* Amplifier: It is recommended to use an amplifier with a large power of over 100W, Class A better, zero feedback to have the highest dynamics. The SE or PP tube amplifiers with a power of less than 100W rms should not be used to play this song.

* Speakers: Speakers must be balanced throughout the 20Hz-20kHz audio frequency range. The loudspeakers with a lot of bass resonance will not be able to control the bass well in this case. As a result, it will make a lot of noise and may distort the high frequency. With this movie soundtrack, an Open Baffle loudspeaker with big bass (Speaker without resonance) will be very optimal.

In this demo video, because we did not have GRAND OPEN, the latest ThivanLabs open baffle loudspeaker model in our studio, an Eros 9 Ultra was combined with a MAVIS M100 tube-hybrid amplifier for this setup. We used specialized measuring equipment for an optimal setup on the full frequency range of 20Hz- 20kHz to try reproducing the sound of this movie soundtrack best.

The system used ThivanLabs Eros-9 Ultra loudspeaker and MAVIS M100 Tube Mosfet Transformer hybrid tube amp.

The video was filmed and recorded by a smartphone.