Eros-9 Anniversary on Fidelity 12-2018

What has to happen that a hardened FIDELITY-author in the mistaken assumption to know almost everything, to have heard almost everything, sitting in front of his plant and cries seized?

Apparently not much, it only needs a reasonably reasonable stereo, Brahms lullaby and a pair of pretty rustic Schallmöbel, already flowed the tears. Where are the Kleenex when you need them?

Thivan Eros 9: Where are the Kleenex when you need them?

Music can be consumed today in a variety of ways. Some have a beer can with speech recognition, others love their living space compatible design pieces or are of active cubes in shoe box size back and forth. All well and good, because with each speaker (apart from the voice-controlled beer can), who was my guest over the last few years, I would have been satisfied with more or less small smears. The biggest shortcoming of many speakers so far, no matter how pretty, fancy or technically sophisticated they are, is their inefficiency, which also means that they need certain levels to bring the music to its full potential. Which in turn bothers my roommates when working on a text takes time again until the early morning. A dilemma.

This is now, after intervertebral disc transport to the third floor, in the small listening room. In the form of a pair of Thivanlabs Eros 9 in the Anniversary Edition: Sound transducers, built as if they had fallen from a time machine compared to the last test objects. As old-fashioned as the Eros 9 looks, its discovery for the European market is thanks to social networks. While surfing through the contributions of his Asian Facebook contacts Eckhard Derks, owner of TCG Handels GmbH, came across very interesting sound transducers and tube amplifiers in Germany completely unknown manufacturer. Especially the speakers had aroused his curiosity, Eckhard Derks began to investigate more intensively. He found what he was looking for in Vietnam, a country more known for its delicious cuisine and friendly locals. That Vietnam has a fairly lively high-end and DIY scene was new to me, but a quick search on the net also closes this educational gap. Since a business trip including photo story would actually be overdue, if you allow me this unselfish hint to the editor.

Mr. Thi, co-founder and developer of Thivanlabs, with his Eros 9

The two founders and namesake of Thivanlabs, Mr. Thi and Mr. Van, have built a fulminant reputation in the eastern continent over the past decade. Her philosophy follows the effort to produce not only the best possible sound, but a deep, sensual emotionality that deeply touches the listener. And yes, class goal met! I have just ordered my Eros 9, notification for the beginning of February. Fresh from the ship, virgin and luckily not recorded. The five hundred hours they will need to ripen to their fullest will make me happy like Bolle. Why does he just want to send his audio physics Seemon to the old part, you probably ask yourself now. After 22 years of faithful service! Yes, why?

For the simple reason that in 30 years of intense fun listening to music, I have barely found a speaker that completely captivates, sucks, and transports all the shades of emotion that my record shelf provides effortlessly and moodily. If need be comforting, but if necessary raging, screaming and raging when you have to be silent yourself. At the same time able to disclose all the timbres in Tiamat’s Wildhoney, despite the sound of sleep and whispering mode , which otherwise only become visible when the walls have long been shaking?

In principle, the Eros 9 are certainly too big for twelve square meters, correspondingly suboptimal then looks like the reverberation time. With spontaneous pressure on the mute button, the room rattles for a felt second, despite Ausparmöblierung and room tuning. But as long as the music plays, the Eros 9 puts you in another sphere.  What else is left for the air in the room to follow without contradiction even the finest voltage modulation in the signal?  Here push two highly sensitive 15-inchers, as in a small space evasion is impossible. Since in the opinion of Mr. Thi and Mr. Van, the best turnout is not a switch, the basses work broadband up to almost six kilohertz, before the frequency response decreases by means of mechanical filtering. What’s missing From 2000 Hertz, economical filters are used with titanium diaphragms and horn extension. Thanks to the square horn mouth, a strikingly natural-sounding coupling to the broad bands succeeds one floor below. The ratio between membrane area and direct energy, between broad bands and horn drivers fits like Walter Röhrl in a nine-wheeler without four-wheel drive.

Fine spirits like Eckhard Derks and the two developers rave about the sensual, gentle characteristics in combination with cuddly tube amplifiers in the smallest performance range, sales expert Tim Hoffmann is back and away from the station wagon with ultra-precise, lively and powerful Class D amplifiers. Glass bulbs glow so far not in my amplifier collection, jagged and tightly guided Watt in the three-digit range, I can offer in sufficient choice. How ordered pile up here just a Trigon Excceed (test soon in FIDELITY) and a gold note IS 1000, which demands attention for the future. Both “classically” designed amplifiers with transistors, thick transformers and satisfactory performance data.

So far, I have the Trigon as a direct, transparent aufspielenden, doing extremely nimble acting drive, which can bite powerful if necessary. His sensitive, soft side was embezzled by the previously connected sound transducers. Chet Baker’s “I’m A Fool To Love You” nebulises almost in the room, airy, direct, wide, crystal clear as never before, while warm as a log fire, with never-heard tenderness in Baker’s game. Here, the level control of the Trigon is in the almost imperceptible area, only a red dot visualizes that power is generated. The music is more of a hint, an idea than serious perception. Yet full of body, dynamics, energy, immediacy, which suggests physically present, leaning casually on the piano during the concert, with a gin-tonic in his hand, and the world stood still for a moment. Baker’s trumpet tugs at my auditory nerves full of charm, breathing freely in the room, his orchestra sorting absurdly on the mediated stage, yet self-contained, compact and alive like never before. All at a buzz that allows a muted conversation among gentlemen effortlessly possible. It’s amazing how efficiently the Eros 9 instantly transforms every pinch of electrical voltage. “Kiss off” Violent Femmes shakes in the usual LoFi garage sound, but at the same time tears at his own inability from the lethargy of everyday life with never before recognized fun and wit. Again, the level control is just before the left stop,

The key to the Eros 9’s deep musicality lies in the reduced construction, the renunciation of anything that could escape the flow of music. The interaction between direct wired broadband and Hornerweiterung succeeds thanks to components in homeopathic dose in the signal path without energy loss.

One reason for the striking response of the Thvian is likely to be the monumental case. The developers spent a lot of time adjusting the material and thickness to ensure that all the energy they put into the chassis came to the chassis instead of vibrating the case. Only through a hole in the floor is something of the internally generated pressure directed towards the floor, which gives the thrust of the fifteen-inch model the appropriate draft. A little leeway exists here when experimenting with the distance between the reflector tunnel and the floor. The sophisticated combination of highly sensitive drivers and ascetic switch in a piece of furniture made of resonance-optimized fiberboard results in the most physically present and musically sensitive loudspeaker that I know.

But woe, when they are let go! Should it (in spite of all meekness and serenity) require account balance, environment or supervisor to let off steam properly: let it scream out the Eros 9 in your place. Whether Rammstein, Manson, Wagner, Stones or Scooter. Anything that seems necessary to communicate to the environment your present displeasure is allowed. The level stability of the Eros 9 under extreme conditions, not only entertains the household, even distant neighbors could still have something of it, if one accidentally slips off with the volume. Once Prodigy too loud, already fall pictures of the wall and the glasses crumbled. If he did not produce that comforting feeling in the epigastrium, one could misinterpret the sound pressure the Eros 9 is capable of as an attempted bodily injury.

Floorstanding speaker Thivanlabs Eros 9 Anniversary

Functional principle: two-way floorstanding speaker, bass reflex

Impedance: 8 ohms

Recommended amplifier power: from 7 watts

Load capacity: 180W

Efficiency: 98db

Frequency range: 33 Hz-20 kHz

Finishes: rosewood or walnut veneer

Dimensions: (B / H / D): 45/105/35 cm

Weight: 45 kg / pc.

Warranty period: 2 years

Price per pair: 3800 Euro

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