An overview of Akoustiki Kritis’s showroom at HXOS EIKONA – High End Show, Greece 2023

Hxos Eikona, the biggest High End show in Greece, is annually organized in Olympic Civitel Hotel, Athens. This year the show took place on two days 21 & 22 October, 2023. The show gathered many distributors and local manufacturers joining and demonstrating in all 5 floors including the four upper floors and an underground floor of the hotel.

The distributor Akoustiki Kritis presented and demonstrated five systems and many audio accessories in a large showroom at Atlantis Hall in the underground floor,  including devices coming from ThivanLabs, Dual, Mavis, Kerr Acoustic, Ophidian, Quadral, Restek, EAMlab, Erzetich, Lyric etc.


The systems were demonstrated in the showroom of Akoustiki Kritis Distributor at HXOS EIKONA – High End Show Greece 2023


The three main systems played at the show included the latest models from ThivanLabs, Mavis, Dual, Kerr Acoustic and EAM Lab.

The first system was three setups from ThivanLabs and Mavis:

**** The first setup from ThivanLabs and MAVIS:

– Tube Music Server: ThivanLabs TMS-9 Premium – It was the first debut of this model in Europe after being launched in September 2023.

– Hybrid Tube Amplifier: MAVIS M100 SkyDMMC Tube Mosfet Transfromer

– Loudspeaker: ThivanLabs Grand Open “Special Edition”

**** The second setup from ThivanLabs:

– Tube Music Server: ThivanLabs TMS-9 Premium

– Flagship SET Amplifier: ThivanLabs Sun 833X Trio block Class A SET

– Loudspeaker: ThivanLabs Grand Open “Special Edition”


**** The third setup from ThivanLabs:

– Tube Music Server: ThivanLabs TMS-9 Premium and Technics R2R

– Flagship SET Amplifier: ThivanLabs Sun 833X Trio block Class A SET

– Loudspeaker: ThivanLabs Eros-9 Ultra


The second system was two setups combined devices by ThivanLabs, Mavis, Dual, EAM Lab, Kerr Acoustic, Ophidian:

– Tube Music Server: ThivanLabs TMS-3 and Dual different turntable models

– Amplifiers: ThivanLabs Eagle-845 H&S, Mavis M60, EAM Lab Studio 501 monoblock

– Loudspeaker: Kerr Acoustic K100 MKII and Ophidian Voodoo


The last system was the different setups of Quadral.


The founders of ThivanLabs and Mavis, Mrs. Joe Nguyen CEO and Mr. Thi Nguyen the chief engineer – R&D director attended the show and support Akoustiki Kritis team in setting up the demonstrated systems as, met and shared the information about the latest models of both brands to the visitors and audiophile community in the exhibition.


The setup days!


This was an incredible and successful demonstration of Akoustiki Kritis in Hxos Eikona show 2023. The demonstration got many compliments from the visitors, many of whom are famous musicians and many perennial audiophiles. The ThivanLabs and Mavis devices and systems demonstrated at the exhibition also brought a big surprise and impression to their audiences.


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