The easiest way to take the orchestra to your home

The S3 is the latest series of bookshelf speakers launched by ThivanLabs in 2019. This loudspeaker model satisfies those who want to set up a high quality sound system for small rooms of 10m2 – 30m2. In spite of its ‘bookshelf’ nickname, the S3 can broadcast live-like yet powerful sound and can play different types of music like big loudspeakers. From the bookshelf S3 to other high-end models, ThivanLab’s products have been exported to European markets such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and England, among others. They have been welcomed and have received positive feedback in terms of sound quality. After the Eros-9 Anniversary edition, which won the best product award in 2019 presented by the famous LP audio magazine in Germany, the S3 will continue to be another of Thivan’s core products to conquer demanding European customers.

In order to establish ThivanLabs’ standards for loudspeakers and electronic light audio equipment, Thivan’s designers have continuously experienced live music performances and events. These have included regular attendance at live symphony concerts performed by famous orchestras, including the Berlin and the Vienna Philharmonic orchestras, in the world’s most standardized auditoriums, in addition to  annual visits to the world’s leading audio equipment exhibitions like the Munich High End show in Germany and the Bangkok Audio Video show in Thailand. Thanks to that, Thivan has had a great number of opportunities to cultivate new ideas and trends on technical designs, assess the pros and cons of audio equipment manufactured by international producers, and bring forth optimal technical solutions for ThivanLabs’ audio equipment. Additionally, Thivan’s sound has always been oriented towards authentic music and standard sound. ThivanLabs’ philosophy is that a good audio device must successfully broadcast authentic music; once this is achieved, that device can properly play all types of music. The S3 loudspeakers are one of ThivanLabs’ biggest successes and are constructed with all of these ideas in mind.

In terms of specifications, the S3 is a 2-way design with a treble and a midwoofer. The treble has a soft 1-inch diameter silk dome diaphragm. Its phase plug is specially designed with a copper coating, ensuring a very flat surface resulting in smooth high frequency response. The midwoofer has a 6.5 diameter paper diaphragm, whose paper is coated with a thin layer of paint for hardness and reinforcement. Thanks to this subtle detail, the S3 has high dynamic range – a key factor to its ability to transmit detailed and natural sounds with higher fidelity. Sound is completely freed from the S3 to create a truly lively musical stage for the listener. The optimal distance for placing these two loudspeakers is from 2.2m to 2.4m horizontally and the trebles should to be at ear level. Once precisely set up, these loudspeakers will “disappear” from the room, leaving only you and your music.

After more than 17 years’ experience in loudspeaker research and manufacture, today’s S3, Eros-9 Anniversary and GrandHorn are prominent examples of ThivanLab’s minimal technical design philosophy. The S3 is designed with a first-order crossover meaning that the tweeter only uses one capacitor and the midwoofer only uses one coil. In terms of sound quality, the crucial purpose of using a first-order crossover design is to minimize the number of barriers caused by electronic components used for frequency division on the loudspeaker’s audio signal path. Components such as capacitors, resistors and inductors are passive components; they do not generate energy but instead they consume it. Using too many components for frequency division reduces the loudspeaker’s capacity resulting in less energy transferred from the amplifier, lower dynamic range and poorer sound quality. The minimal use of components for the S3 has enabled the most efficient use of sound dynamics. All energy produced from the amplifier will go straight to the speaker, resulting in a much higher fidelity with every subtle sound feature fully conveyed to the listener. Energy drain is the reason why loudspeakers with complex crossover designs often need high power amplifiers to exploit the energy that goes through them. The S3, on the other hand, thanks to its high sensitivity of up to 90dB easily works with both transistor and tube amplifiers of 7W or higher. The first-order crossover has been used by many famous loudspeaker brands in the world in their high-end products. However, this is a very difficult path to embark upon since the sensitivity levels of drivers are not consistent. Therefore, to get any two drivers to perfectly synchronize has long been a headache for sound engineers. ThivanLabs has found a solution to this problem thanks to its rich experience in loudspeaker research, testing and manufacturing. The secret lays in the technical adjustments for the drivers’ harmony, the identification of optimal cut-off points to limit crossover components, and the balance of frequency bands, all of which help optimize the effects of the first-order crossover design on the loudspeakers’ sound. Such a comprehensive technical solution has helped the S3 loudspeakers, as well as other ThivanLabs’ products, reproduce sound with very high fidelity. In addition, ThivanLabs also undertake meticulous technical calculations for the design of the enclosures. The enclosures for the S3 loudspeakers are built from high quality MDF wood that has been professionally crafted and they feature high rigidity, uniformity, and inner vibration reduction. A large enclosure and a large speaker vent allow the S3 to have nice low frequency, deep and round bass. The S3’s bass has been favorably mistaken for that emanating from big loudspeakers with large bass drivers.

The S3 loudspeakers are designed with a minimalist style, focusing on luxurious forms with different colors to easily match modern interior designs. The current model comes in three colors, Black Molly, Matte Betta and Rose Betta & Walnut. Our products are for those who love to experience real, dynamic music instead of listening to meagre sound coming out through sub-par audio equipment. With superior sound quality and exquisite form, the S3 loudspeakers are a competitive product in the international market for bookshelf speakers.