KIT of Preamplifier DL-1


Inputs 2 x RCA
Outputs 1 x RCA
Vacuum tube complement 4 x 6AU6 (6AH6, 6AK6, 6AU6, 6BA6, 6BD6, 6CG6, 6FD6, 6HR6, 6HS6, 6AS6, 6BH6, 6BJ6, 6BZ6, 6CB6, 6CF6, 6DB6, 6DC6, 6DE6, 6DK6, 6EW6, 6GM6, 6HQ6, 6JH6, 6JL6, 6LU6, 6AG5, 6AJ5, 6AK5, 6AN5, 6BC5, 6CE5, 6CY5, 6EA5, 6EV5, 5654, 5725, 5749, 6136, 6186, 8136, 9001, 9003)
Phono No
Frequency response 3Hz – 120kHz (+/-3dB)
HUM Noise < 0.2 mV
Gain 14dB
Voltage Max Output 28 Vp-p
Input Impedance 100 kOhms
Power Requirements 220V (POSSIBLE TO SET 100/110/ 117/240V/ 50-60Hz BY DIFFERENT MARKETS)
Power Consumption 20W
Dimensions (cm)
(W x D x H)
22 x 32 x 20