Basing on a team of young people who energetically create, love the beauty and have impetuous passion for electricity – electron as well as a desire of dedicating amazing melody, sophistication and high fidelity of music, Thivanlabs determines a target of building and developing the brand to become a leading reputational manufacturer in the field of designing, producing high-end tube amplifier and musical equipment in Vietnam. To achieve this objective, product quality always takes priority, next is constantly improving and creating better and better products which are able to divertingly satisfy the higher and higher, more and more difficult demand of audiophiles and customers in over the country.

According to Thivanlabs’s philosophy, a hi-fi product not only reproduces the high fidelity of sound but also is able to deliver the deep emotion in music to listeners, despite that is western classical music or Vietnamese lyrical music. Music is always enchanting and fascinates everyone’s heart. Our desire is creating the products being able to perform those astonishing melodies best. We have constantly strived for technical and technological innovation to be able to create products which would be soon Master of Performance.

We wish more and more audiophiles in the country have opportunity to be experienced music with the sweet sound of vacuum tubes. For such aim and objective, Thivanlabs is currently developing variety of high quality product lines from affordable products for almost all of Vietnamese listeners to high-end products.

Established and developing from the DIY (do it yourself) movement, Thivanlabs is always awareness of the importance of developing audio DIY in Vietnam. Creating and joining in some topics of electric technique in designing and making tube amplifier and loudspeaker in different audiovisual forums, instructing DIYers in making their own complete product and funding some contests of self-designing and making tube amplifier in the country … are Thivanlabs’s efforts in order to inspire and encourage the progress of electric and electronic DIY movement in Vietnam.

Thivanlabs always makes the best effort to be a believable companion of the customers in the endless journey of hi-fi music passion.