Founders of Thivanlabs are Thi Hoang Nguyen and Van Anh Nguyen who graduated from the Electric and Electronic Faculty of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technologies.

Two dear friends are a professional couple in researching and creating sciential-technological products. Having similar passion of music, Mr.Thi and Mr.Van frequently and continuously research, design and experiment techniques in the field of listenning to the music. Therefore, Thivanlabs tube amplifier brand gains more and more reputation in audio market in Vietnam.

HTV team (named by the first letter of 3 members’ name, including : Huong Quoc Nguyen, Thi Hoang Nguyen and Van Anh Nguyen) – The name was changed to BK1 later – won the prize of “Designing and creating robot Vietnam 2002”

When being a student, Mr.Thi himself had ever designed speaker crossovers, styled and made some full sets of loudspeakers for his family and relatives. Due to his passion of music, interest of creating and researching electric techiques, he avhieved many awards such as the prize of “Designing and creating robot Vietnam 2002”, “Student researching science 2003” and “Creating technique-technology VIFOTEC”, the second prize of the contest of designing and making DIY high power tube amplifier in “VNAV Sumo Contest 2008” and the prize of the best specifications in “VNAV Sumo Contest 2010”.

Mr. Thi and his “Little Sun” 6C19 OTL tube amplifiers which were awarded The prize of The best specifications in the “VNAV Sumo Contest 2010”.

For Mr. Van, after graduating from the university he took part in an aircraft technical training program in United State of America and was granted an Aircraft Technical Certification by American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Basing on knowledge he studied and updated in the time of living and studying in America, he has contributed various ideas to making and producing tube amplifier.

The success of the two engineers is always supported by a woman, Mrs. Chau Minh Nguyen, wife of Mr.Thi. She successfully completed a Master degree of managing and developing industrial art products in England. Thanks to many years experience in the area of design along with knowledge gained from abroad, she has considerably supported Thivanlabs in designing and styling various products as well as branding.

Three youngers with the passion of science and music have made amazing products which are able to satisfy higher and higher demands of many listeners.